My name is Roger Balettie

… and yes, I *am* a (recovering) Rocket Scientist!

But don’t worry, my goal is to make sure that your Project Management problems get solved without needing to resort to any orbital mechanics or differential calculus!

What I do plan on doing, though, is bringing almost 30 years of progressive leadership, project management, and grace-under-pressure evaluation to bear on the issues that brought you to see me today!


So let me tell you a little bit about myself!

Yup... I'm a Space Cadet!
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Qualifications Summary
Certified Project Management Professional (PMP)
PMP_1As a Project Management Professional (PMP), certified by the Project Management Institute, I provide a disciplined, structured, and effective set of skills to bear on your project-related issues!
20+ years of Project and Program Management experience
Extensive experience and formal training/certification as a Project Management Professional, covering all aspects of Software Development Lifecycle Program and Project Management, including Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring/Controlling, and Project Closure, with all associated project artifacts.

Extremely detail-oriented, through initial understanding of requirements, baselining of work breakdown structure and detailed project schedule, evaluation of risks, monitoring of project throughout the lifecycle, regular review and mitigation of risks and issues, and seeing projects through to their successful completion and acceptance by the end customer.

History of on-time and within-budget project deliveries
If your project is late or you’re spending too much money on it… it’s not ever going to be considered a complete success.

I have a proven professional history of delivering projects on-time and within-budget. Managing scope with customers is one of the most difficult parts of Project Management – don’t let this get away from you!

Let me help!

Proven leader and problem-solver
I am a team-builder and derive buy-in from all levels of stakeholder participation, both upper-level management and team members. I have always led happy and successful teams.
Experience in both government and commercial project management
Experienced and certified Project Manager across a wide variety of both commercial and (federal and state) government projects.

Have managed internal projects that were moved from R&D into product sales, eCommerce solutions in the tolling industry, commercial video game production, and knowledge management in the form of US Army Intelligence platforms that have been fielded and remain in use today.

Have managed IT Infrastructure teams moving through both hardware and software capability introductions, upgrades, and enhancements.

Process-oriented quality improvement
Have provided primary corporate process improvement inputs and significant percentage of artifacts for organizational-wide assessment of Carnegie-Mellon University Capability Maturity Model – Integrated (CMM-I) Level 5.

Quality-focused software development management, including development of QA organizations, test plans/procedures, automated testing, etc.

Client-facing customer management
I am able to manage customer relations, providing clear and concise communications to the key client stakeholders.

My role is to provide not only the internal team leadership, but the primary point of contact for customer interactions – being able to translate “customer needs” into “actionable tasks” that fit within the contract structure and language.

High-pressure situation management
Speed and accuracy of decision-making and operations have been a part of my professional career from the beginning – fast-paced environments are attractive to me. I have leadership experience throughout my career, from real-time Space Shuttle flight operations through Program/Project Management and PMO development strategies.
Professional History
2014-present: Owner - Balettie Consulting, Inc.
Balettie Consulting - Star Logo 100x100This grand adventure you see before you!

Small business owner specializing in Project Management Consulting for various software development life cycle models (from waterfall to Agile) and programming environments.

Clients have included various projects in the parking, DMV, and tolling industries as well as the energy management/conservation area.

Provided leadership to software development team (Java, Perl, Oracle DB) through standard PM techniques of scheduling, prioritization, and customer management.

Provided IT Infrastructure Project Management to various hardware and software upgrades, enhancements, and capability roll-outs across the enterprise.

2013-2014: Project Manager/Business Analyst - Y&L Consulting
y&l_yash_logo_smallDeveloped comprehensive Project Plan and complete Functional/Technical Specifications for a proposed commercial software development project.

Customer commented: “best deliverables we’ve ever received”.

2010-2013: Program Manager - GS5, LLC
gs5Created and oversaw implementation of Project Management Office (PMO) processes for major US Army Product Director for Intel Software modernization. Provided Systems Engineering and Technical Advisor (SETA) program leadership to 9 Programs of Record (PORs) across various Army organizations and contractors with programmatic and technical reviews of cost, schedule, and performance metrics.

  • Standardized PMO reporting processes, providing streamlined oversight of POR cost, schedule, and performance metrics and reducing PMO time and manpower.
  • Mentored several Army Project Managers in industry-standard PM techniques, resulting in POR adherence to US Army Acquisition standards.
2004-2010: Senior Program Manager - Overwatch Systems, Ltd.
nullLed development team of 70 in development and delivery of several versions of the DCGS-A Army Intel software platform. Executed all aspects of Software Development Lifecycle Program and Project Management, including Initiating, Planning, Executing, Monitoring/Controlling, and Project Closure, with all associated project artifacts. Managed combat-zone support of delivered system through embedded trainers and systems engineers and remote operational advice.

  • Increased contract revenue by almost 20 times the initial effort in approximately six years.
  • DCGS-A was a significant part of the Overwatch Product Line software development effort, resulting in increased software re-use, improved quality of delivered products, and faster development timelines.
  • Attained Capability Maturity Model – Integration (CMM-I) level 5 assessment. Was significant part of corporate efforts to achieve CMM-I Level 5 assessment using DCGS-A program processes and artifacts. The CMM-I Level 5 assessment provided competitive advantages in contract award assessments.
2002-2004: Producer - Inevitable Entertainment
InevitableEntertainmentLed development team of approximately 20 for successful “Area 51” video game, released on multiple gaming platforms. Responsibilities included schedule management, internal team coordination and leadership, and delivery/reporting of milestone elements to external studio executives.

  • Delivered successful multi-platform video game. Led team in design and delivery of “Area 51” multiplatform console and PC) first-person shooter video game. Positive reviews and sales figures for game led to development of sequel (industry benchmark for success).
1997-2002: Project Manager - Applied Research Laboratories: The University of Texas at Austin
nullPromoted to project leadership of team developing a solution to significant digital training issues at US Army Maneuver Combat Training Centers (MCTCs). Supported Army Project Manager with many presentations and demonstrations to Congressional and high-ranking US Army personnel.

  • Delivered significant Army training collection system. Managed design, development, delivery, and training of Army Battle Command Systems Integration (ABCSI) hardware and software to Army MCTCs. ABCSI closed significant communications gap in crucial monitoring of digital data during training exercises preparing Army units for real-world operations.
  • Applied Human Factors Engineering to creation of user interface to increasingly large and complex data sets, while maintaining awareness of current roles and responsibilities of Army Training operators.
1986-1997: Senior Flight Dynamics Officer - NASA/Johnson Space Center
NASA logoServed in key role within Space Shuttle Mission Control Center (MCC) with full responsibility and accountability for time-critical evaluation of Shuttle flight performance. Directed team of ~50 engineers during pre-flight design and crew training and ~10 through real-time flight control; reported directly to NASA Flight Director and senior Space Shuttle management.

  • Provided Mission Control support of 26 Space Shuttle missions, with 10 in lead FDO position; automated and supervised trajectory flight planning processes.
  • Developed space shuttle trajectory software. Led applications development team in delivery of software for use by FDOs in the MCC for both pre-flight and real-time operations, replacing several legacy systems and providing vastly improved processing capabilities in terms of performance and functionality.
  • Designed, developed, and implemented critical deorbit opportunities software for use in NASA’s Mission Control Center, based on analytical methods and updated requirements. Received NASA Inventions and Contributions Board (ICB) Technology Award for Deorbit Opportunities Processor Software (DOPS).

For more information, please see my personal Space Exploration website.


Master of Science

Physical / Space Science
University of Houston Clear Lake

UT-Austin seal

Bachelor of Science

Aerospace Engineering
The University of Texas at Austin

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